A Getaway from Everything... with Sixpegs

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Multi-hyphenate Peggy Chang (blogger, model and business owner of The Tiramisu Hero) is the woman behind Sixpegs (www.sixpegs.com), one of Singapore's leading lifestyle blogs. Peggy has captivated readers through the years, offering them sneak peeks into her life through heartfelt blog entries complete with artistic illustrations and stunning photos.

Her recent success in running her own quirky cafe along with her partner, has left her with little time to smell the flowers. We offered her a chance to really kick back and unwind at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport and experience a true getaway from EVERYTHING without the travelling time that would have added to her hectic schedule. Who needs an overseas holiday to recharge anyway?

Feels Just Like a Holiday

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"I almost felt like I was not in Singapore. I truly love the serenity and the fact that I’m away from the bustling city. Being about the see planes landing and taking off from my hotel room is a big plus point too. We all know how romantic that is."

What's wonderful about a staycation at the airport is that you truly get a chance to get away from it all. You're away from the bustling city which has its own distinct beauty, but some days, we all need to switch off and just enjoy peace and nature.

A walk through our open-air corridors and you'll spot greenery from "secret gardens", head to the pool and you're presenting with soothing swaying palm trees in the wind.

To complement this nature-inspired design, you'll enjoy a soothing walk from the airport (just five minutes via an air-conditioned link bridge) and into a romantic and dim lobby that won't accost your senses. The hotel is completely designed to feel like a resort and present you with a rejuvenating, calming environment to allow you to let loose and leave the stress of the grind and city behind.

A moment of tranquility may be what you need to refocus and get some inspiration. As Peggy found out, no matter how busy you are, there's always just enough time for a quick getaway staycation.

Experience Crowne Plaza Changi Airport through Peggy (Sixpegs)

Crowne Plaza: http://www.sixpegs.com/2014/03/crowne-plaza-changi-airport/