A Working Vacation... with Andrea Chong

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The pixie-faced and vivacious Andrea Chong (www.dreachong.com) is part of Singapore's latest breed of stylish fashion bloggers who have an exploding influence. With fans from across the world who wait with bated breath to find out where she's going next and what she's wearing, Andrea, with her Audrey Hepburn-esque demeanour and class, shares her sense of style with the world, one picture, blog entry and video at a time.

We invited Andrea to experience Crowne Plaza Changi Airport and find out for herself how we could be exactly what she needed - a rejuvenating work holiday (also known as a #workingvacay) where she could still stay productive and relax. Afterall, we're always proving that we're #notjustatransithotel.


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"I just have to rave about Crowne Plaza Changi Airport's rooms for a bit. Especially these rooms on the third floor. Not only are their windows tall and wide - which I absolutely love - but they open out to the swimming pool you see behind me in most of the photos. Part of the window doubles up as a door, which allows you to just walk right out into the pool! Great thing is you don't have to pay extra for these rooms, they are available on request at check-in."

Our pool access rooms offer guests a view of our outdoor landscaped pool. Just push aside the curtains of your full-length windors and be greeted by the beauty of the tropically designed pool. As Andrea experienced, there is a door that leads right to the pool deck. 

These lovely rooms on the third floor are extremely limited in number and upon request and availability only. 

We also have pool view rooms on higher floors which are a sight for sore eyes be it in the morning, afternoon or evening. A relaxing view is most definitely one way to get the recharge you need before another day of productive working. 


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"I made use of the peace and quiet throughout the day to lounge on the sunbeds."

Our pool is designed with relaxation in mind. Our outdoor pool features landscaping surrounding and within the pool and adds to the tropical design of the hotel.

The pool also overlooks the iconic control tower and is the perfect place to shoot gorgeous photos. For Andrea, it was definitely a fantastic location for her fashion shoots.

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