Cake Collection from Lobby Lounge

rose-lychee-raspberry-yogurt-200pixIt's not a celebration without cake!

Introducing our new Lobby Lounge Cake Collection! Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and every special occasion that is worth celebrating.

With a mix or rich and light flavours and textures, have a taste of Dolce Vita - the sweet life. 

All whole cakes come in one size: 1kg

Signature Cakes

Our signature cakes are given a brand new look and enhanced taste. 


Black Forest Torte ($68+)

A classic favourite is reinvented and made with gourmet Valrhona Manjari Chocolate, which is slightly tart, balancing the richness and sweetness perfectly. Layers of chocolate sponge cake and fragrant whipping cream and enveloped in a beautiful chocolate case, topped with handmade chocolate decorations, all made with Valrhona Manjari.  




Cookies and Cream Cheese Cake ($68+)

Crushed Oreo chocolate cookies are folded into premium cream cheese, which lends the cake an exceptional fragrance, and made into an incredible cookies and cream cheesecake which is covered generously with more chocolate cookie bits and topped with Oreo cookies.



Chocolate Royaltine ($68+)

Delightful and light on the palate, a unique blend of two types of dark chocolate (50% Dark Chocolate and 71% Dark Chocolate) are balanced to create a remarkable fragrance and flavour. It is mixed in with cream and eggs, to create our Chocolate Royaltine. This concoction sits atop a deliciously crispy crunchy biscuit base.


Crowne Tiramisu ($58+)

We’ve created our very own alcohol-free recipe of the popular Italian ‘dolce’, Tiramisu consisting of a wonderful concoction of whipped egg yolks, egg whites, sugar, rich Mascarpone cheese and coffee syrup. The texture of our Crowne Tiramisu is soft, light and airy – all elements of the perfect Italian ‘Pick Me Up’ and now we’ve made it family friendly.


Red Velvet Gateau ($58+)

The brilliant red appearance of the traditional red velvet is a natural reaction of mixing cocoa powder and apple cider vinegar. Layers of red velvet sponge cake and cream cheese is covered by vivid orange and yellow floral cream cheese piping swirls. The result is an indulgent classic brought to life.


Rose, Lychee and Raspberry Yoghurt Mousse ($58+)

This modern rendition of traditional “Ispahan” features a luxurious raspberry yoghurt mouse with juicy lychee bits and rose flavoured jellies within the cake centre. This cake is marvelously light and refreshing. 

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