Afternoon Tea for Two (New)

CPCA-new-high-tea-set-500pixwidthPamper yourselves with our all-new High Tea set menu, which features savoury and sweet canapés complemented with Dilmah Tea’s finest and most exclusive selection of the Dilmah t-Series.

Select from an eclectic collection of garden-fresh, handpicked teas to fit every mood and occasion with the Very Special Rare Tea (VSRT) or Gourmet Tea range from the Dilmah t-Series.

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Coffee and Cake Set

cakeTreat yourself to a delicious slice of cake from our Lobby Lounge with a choice of premium coffee or tea at just $10++. Available daily from 11am to 5pm.

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Cake Collection from Lobby Lounge

rose-lychee-raspberry-yogurt-200pixIt's not a celebration without cake!

Introducing our new Lobby Lounge Cake Collection! Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and every special occasion that is worth celebrating.

With a mix or rich and light flavours and textures, have a taste of Dolce Vita - the sweet life. 

All whole cakes come in one size: 1kg

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Promotions at Bar '75

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Relax and cheers to another great day of success at work with our promotions at Bar '75.

Enjoy affordable beer bucket promotions or pop by on our Air Travel Night on Tuesdays when Air Crew, Airline and Airport staff enjoy great deals.

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Azur Birthday Party Package


Personalise your birthday party experience at award-winning Azur Restaurant with our party packages that will fit any practical budget.

Guests can enjoy our delicious buffet spread featuring the best of Asian and Western cuisine. Semi-private spacious dining section of the restaurant is also available for large groups.

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